Extreme Sudoku

Extreme Sudoku is a PC software program that allows the user to create and solve Sudoku puzzles of size 4x4, 9x9, 16x16 or 25x25.

In addition to allowing the generation of your own puzzles , the program provides the usual software features, such as the ability to save a puzzle to disk to work on later, or the ability to print a hard copy of the puzzle, for those who prefer to make notations on the puzzle while solving.

The software also provides a number of features to assist in finding a solution, which will be helpful in solving the larger (16x6 and 25x25) puzzles.

Click the overview tab for a description of the various features of the software.

If you would like more detail, click the User Manuals tab to download a (free) copy of the user manual.

Click the Download Program tab to download a (Free)copy of the program. This page also contains installation instructions.

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